Saturday, February 28, 2009

[nothing but ordinary]

hello heiyo.hehe.
salam to all dear friends.
this is the really first post of mine.
nothing much to say.
still pondering apakah bestnya blog ini.
yet trying.kut kut bes.akan dtruskn memblog.
er.lets get started by knowng a lil bit bout me.
n 4 those who wants to know me betta

im -- zetty faeza me zeti.ya.jgn macik zeti sudey.=P

bornday--26th of sept '88(cm avril sket sket) hihihi

brasal dr ipoh..meh2 dtg ipoh...ep...

i njoy eating.hanging out wit friends.dear make it simple.i don like to be alone.hek2

im of clumsy.haha.erm.people dat close to me knows betta.
do ask my friends utk kterangan lnjut..friends r the best mirror.hehe

i love myself.n thankful for wat ive got until this time.hehe.n im loveable.haha.yek....

the person dat i really-really wanna meet :

mom , azmi , n old dear friends .....

dats all kot.da ngtok ni.hehe...

wanna meet ya very2 soon on the next post...huih...

take care..dadaaaaa

[i wont promise to be very2 good.if i a liar]